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Treadmill Repair

How to replace my Treadmill Belt


  1. Start by folding your treadmill up or laying it on its side, if it cannot be folded.
  2. Remove right and left rear foot.  By lightly tapping with a rubber hammer, remove both rear end caps.
  3. Remove belt guides and side rails.
  4. Fold the display part of the unit towards the back.
  5. Unscrew and remove motor hood.
  6. Mark the position of the front roller shaft on the right  roller bracket with a permanent marker.
  7. Remove the front roller adjustment bolt.
  8. Unscrew the walking board (deck).
  9. Carefully remove rear roller.
  10. Gently slide out walking belt from the walking board (deck), and slide in the new walking belt.
  11. Slide back into place the rear roller.
  12. Place rear end caps back into position.
  13. Replace and tighten the walking board (deck) screws.
  14. Insert the front roller adjustment bolt back into place.
  15. Tighten the front roller adjustment bolt until you reach the mark you previously made whit the permanent marker on the right roller bracket.
  16. Replace belt guides and side rails.
  17. Carefully fold up unit and screw back into place rear end caps.
  18. Screw back into place left and right rear foot.
  19. Place unit back down.
  20. Center walking belt by adjusting bolts on the rear roller.
  21. Tension the walking belt by putting speed to 3.5 mph and stopping walking belt with your foot. MAKE SURE YOU ARE STEPPING ON SIDE RAILS AND GRABBING TO THE UNIT TO BE SAFE.
  22. If the walking belt keeps slipping give it more tension by adjusting the adjustment bolt on the rear roller.
  23. Replace and screw back the motor hood of the treadmill.
  24. You are done replacing the walking belt.

For visual aid instruction please see our video on how to install a walking belt.

The lubricant on this video is wax (please make note that if you use our upgraded Lubricant 100% silicone, treadmill will not need to be lubricated until one year after first application)