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BETL817090 Moovyoo Softy 400 MP3 Treadmill Safety Key


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All treadmill walking belts are shipped pre-lubricated unless requested otherwise. Any additional lubricant purchased or shipped is for use on any future lubricant application needed.

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Part Name: Treadmill Safety Key

Model: BETL817090 or BETL81709.0
Part Name: BETL817090 Moovyoo Softy 400 MP3 Treadmill Safety Key
                    BETL817090 Moovyoo Softy 400 MP3 Treadmill Key


Condition: NEW
OEM – Safety Clip/Key (stop)
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Many of our customers often ask  us what is the difference between the following names:
Treadmill Walking Belt, Treadmill Running Belt, Treadbelt, Treadmill Belt…and the answer is none.
Treadmill Belts are often refer to as any of the names above, but the truth is that all belts can
be used either for walking or running.- Walking Belts LLC
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